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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Photo Hunt (light)

I was goofing off on the computer one day, as I usual do. Came up stairs and notice two of the trees where taken out of the back yard.
It sure open the place up and let more light in. But as summer rolls back around. I know the morning sun light would really glare in my kitchen window.
So Murphy got some tree starts the south side of the house. Some type of Maple. I'm thinking he want to put them in where the two trees came out.
Then once again light will change.

Next week theme is “two” for the hunt. Those who wanting more info or see others photos. Please visit our hostess TN CHICK


  1. Yeah, but it'll be years before the shade is right. Pity you lost the other two trees.

  2. I can't quite make out what is on the top of the garden gate.

    Those look like pretty long pieces of firewood.

  3. Interesting observations on how "just" two trees can make a difference! :)

  4. You have a spacious yard where you can plant all the trees you want! Plant some fruit trees, I would love that. :)


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