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Thursday, October 06, 2011

September Weather Report

The warmest day in September was 11th at 88.0 (31.1)
The coldest day in September was 29th at 20.8 (-6.0)
The average high for September was 69.5 (20.8)
The average low for September was 36.2 (2.3)
Rain ½ (1.5)
We should all know the equinox is the first day of summer and first day of winter. Well it depends where you are at on the earth. Actual for me it was on September 6th
I notice the first trees to start to change are the cotton woods.
Editor Note: This isn't a picture from September. I lost my card to my camera and haven't yet found it.

Last Night. Murphy and I went to this sell pitch of Primerica  
but before that let me back up a few days. He was home and receives this phone call and the person on the other end says “We got your phone # from one of your employers” which he did work for.
Thinking it was some type of sting. There trying to find people who drawing an extension unemployment by sitting up “fake jobs” those who don't show up will loose there benefits.
So we sat there though the whole thing. Opinion time...I thought it was Bull and a pyramid deal.
But they call them self an MLM and I really don't know the difference between a pyramid and a MLM.
Well there lot of companies are MLM or Pyramid companies. Pamper chef, Amway, Tupperware, Shackley, and etc.
The main thing about the few companies I list above. There offering an tangible item one can hold.
Confession time...I was once involved with a MLM “Tupperware” I sold it. Did I become rich “No” to me it was to get my self some tupperware product for free or a discount. Make a few extra coins But Primerica is nothing but a pyramid investment company.
So I google “Primerica scams” and the word they use in many ways was “value”. When the word values comes up. I know it's a warning to be avoid it.
Editor Note: We can't prove this but I think the Kootenai inn and casino had something to do with it. One of the things to be part of Primerica one can't have a felony. To work for the Kootenai Inn one also can't have a felony.

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