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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo Hunt (High)

This isn't what I deeply want for high. This is Highway 95 off the pleasant valley loop rd, top of the hill. For me to go anywhere I have to get on the pleasant Valley loop rd and head to the highway. There two place that pleasant valley loop that becomes out on Highway 95.
If ones head North about 4 miles you will come to Bonners Ferry Id. But if ones head south about 2 ½ miles is Naples turn off.
If you miss the turn off the next town would Elmira, Samuel, Ponderay, and then Sandpoint. All the town south bound except Sanpoint, blink once and you'll miss them.

I thought of taking the camera on our last trip into the mountain when we got another load of firewood. Confession time...I was tired of posting about wood gather. I was even boring my self.
So I decided not to take a camera with.
Up on Myrtle Creek we saw a young bull moose full set of antlers. He just stood there and listen to us as we talk to him. I could of got a picture drool and all.

So to find more info on the hunt please visit our hostess TN CHICK 
and next week theme is broken.

I don't know if Ida is wise or not. I'm filling in for her for a 7 to 10 days. I did her client last summer so she could go with her family to the Oregon Coast. She working for tree nursery which I think it called “Panhandle” something like that.
Let to some math. I know when she does home care I know what is making about $11.00 an hour. I don't how many hours of attend care or home chores she gets from this client. So split the difference and round to $11.00 and hour. She get 17 hours a week. So every week she making $187.
My hubby been with tree nursery 20 years and he knows who to avoid. Panhandle pays $7.25 and hour. He compared it to Clifty View Nursery and I guess you'll work close to a 40 hour week. So that comes to $290 a week. I didn't figure taxes.
I'll leave it at that and let you figure if she wise or not.
Doing home-care can drive you nut. I can complete understand why she want a break from the job.

Well it my Uncle Melvin and Aunt Bea anniversary. They been married 65 years.


  1. That is quite a scenic route! Happy weekend

  2. 65 Years! Wow. Tell them happy anniversary.

    Hey, at least it's a paycheck.

  3. Driving an 18 wheeler 48 states and Canada (for a few years) put me over most of the high passes in this country, I could have taken lots of high pictures.

    How about deep? Been to the grand canyon two times.

    And a lot of these monkeys can't swim in the deep end of my brain pool.

  4. Quite the original take on the theme! :D

  5. That's an original interpretation of high,lol !

  6. The flash memes - Fiction Friday 55 and Sunday 160 - are lots of fun.

  7. First....happy anniversary to the lucky couple. It's a great milestone - especially in today's times.

    And love the 'high' mountain road.

    Thanks for popping by yesterday for my Shadow Shot. Today's post is:

    Macro Halloween Candle Holder...Eerie!!



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