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Saturday, October 01, 2011

photo hunt (covered)

Editor Note... I was getting ready to up-load my pictures and Rosie decided to take a swipe at my hand and I dropped the card to my camera. Haven't yet located it, soon hopeful.
In the mean while there is plenty of other to enjoy.
I thought this week theme of covered actual sound interesting simple because I knew exactly what I wanted to take a picture of. Confession time....I wasn't sure which angle I should take the picture of.
This year hubby and I been getting quite a bit of wood for our wood stove. I bet lot of you read my blog can tell or it's about ceramics.
Well all of our wood is under some type of cover. The first wood went into our old hay barn. Plus my ceramic molds is in there also. The ideal was to build shelves. But the wood is taking that spot.
The rest went under the cover of the eves barn/shed.
I believe we have somewhere between 6 and 7 cords of firewood, all under cover.

Next week theme is “waiting” At this point I'm clueless what I'll be doing but something will come. But in the mean time check out some of the other photos. The best way is to go over to Tn Chicks
she our hostess.

I got out the crock pot yesterday and made up batch of White Chili. This recipe I got from Alice who lives up on what they call “Highland Flats”
2 medium onions
4 garlic gloves
Saute these items above
3 cans of great northern bean Editor Note... I've used White Kidney beans (cannelloni)
6 cups of chicken broth
½ teaspoon
1 ½ teaspoon oregano
2 teaspoon of cumin
4 cups of chicken cooked and diced Editor Note....I used ground Turkey and cooked with my onions and garlic.
Optional 3 cups of monterey jack cheese. Editor Note...I don't use cheese.
Editor notes...I've also saute and add to the chili is leeks and peppers.

I've always like corn bread and I can't see having Chili with out it. I like good and I mean good corn bread.
One thing I like is home made corn bread made from scratch. Here the thing is about corn bread from scratch I don't make corn bread that often so I end up tossing out the corn meal.
The “Jiffy” brand is way to dry.
So I bought some Marie Callenders original corn bread Restaurant style from our local Safeway.
I thought it was on the spend-ie side. Opinion time....I think every thing or most things at Safeway empties one pocket book.
Easy to make 2 ingredients water and the package.
I use my larger muffin tin and I filled them ¾ full but the package didn't say how much batter for the tin.
This made 6 muffins.
Taste but a little on sweet side but nothing close to a cake.
Moist is one of the strong points. Even the next morning they where plenty moist. I give these corn-bread muffin a 4 ¾ tea cups.


  1. If you get a chance to find the card and post the pix, I'd love to see your wood piles.

    The recipe looks tasty, especially with the turkey substitution.

  2. I use the Jiffy brand all the time, two of the little boxes, three eggs instead of two, and a little extra water so they aren't too dry. I just use a pan instead of making muffins.

    In the Navy every Thursday was navy bean soup and cornbread day, I always looked forward to that.

    I have some old tea cups that belonged to my grandmother and an other old friend that died a few years back.

    I suppose I should give them to someone that would like to display them, or whatever.

  3. My grandmother used to keep a set of teacups just like those on shelves in the dining room. They always seemed like reminders of a time when people lived a life entirely unlike my own.

  4. Hopefully you find the card !

  5. Personal message....

    Long time readers know that I got a cell phone and had my land line number transferred to it and dropped the land line. I don't use a phone much because I'm a email whore so it only costs me $8.50 a month that way.


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