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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Little Dog Laugh'd to See Such Craft

There quite a bit what I want to post to my blog. More then one matter. First of all in my last post I post about my Uncle and Aunt celebrating there 
65th anniversary. I don't know if Murphy and I will make it that many years. Simple fact is he was 38 and I was 28 when we got married. So in eye of social security we been married 23 years but lived together 5 years before that. A total of 28 years.
I'm still taking care of Ida client out in Curly Creek area. Filling in out there suits me just fine. 

Murphy will be 62 years old in November of 2012. Well not sure if he is going to sign up for his social security or not. I know he would get a larger check if he waited. Confession time...I really don't like the ideal of retiring at this age. But with today economics we might not have any choice. As I could we live on his social security “yes”
I'm not sure what he will be getting.
I'm hoping I can stay on with Murphette which now she gets 8.75 hours a week at this time. Plus with Faith but with Faith age of 88 and her birthday is in December.
As for extra income with ceramics. “I know I wouldn't total depend on it in today world” but an extra little bit don't hurt.
“In today Market we're complete global now”
I was thinking how I was going to price my yule (Christmas) ornaments. “$2.55 or $2.70” each. Depends on how Alice wants to handle the sale tax on it.
I know I won't have enough inventory made up. So this way we both could add a little jingle to our pocket. 
As for current events or I guess this been hashed around a few times. “flat tax rate” I would be first to say “we need some tax reforms and simple one in fact”
Statement time.... tax a person 10% of there complete income on people who making $15,080 a year. Which is federal minimum wage.
Plus those on a low scale of social security and disability.
I know social security insurance (disability) pays right below $700 a month. In a year that comes to $8,400 a year.
Statement time...couldn't you just see these people paying 10% of there income. In some ways I'm for a flat tax rate.
Opinion time...I think the personal deduction should be raised to $30,000 per person. Even take way the marriage deduction. I have no trouble even people with kids at home let them have $30,000 for each of there rug rats.
Any income left above that should be tax at 10%
Would we have to pay income tax on my set up “No” I would guess we will take in this year about $12,000.
Most years we make between $20,000 to $30,000 a year.
I'm not even trying to guess what I'll be making at the local craft fair in December.
As for things happen on the place. Murphy and I been trying to put the garden to bed. Still plenty to do. I'm wanting to clean and spade a place for some asparagus in.
But Murphy and I clean and re-did the “royal sunshine” flowerbed. This flower bed is made of yellows and purple tones flowers.
But it doesn't look like much. But the quack grass got such out of control.

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  1. 65th anniversary.

    Shit, they'll celebrate their 75th shitting diapers, that's not for me.

    Typically the way the math works out it's better for him to retire early, and then work part time for them if he likes working for them.

    Or take other part time work cuz he can make X amount of bucks without it affecting his retirement income.

    Got tea?


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