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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Phoro Hunt (Drink)

This week theme for the hunt is drink at first I thought of taking a photo of “red beer” when I was young I couldn't stand the taste of a red beer.
When I was young I used to experiment in my moms' kitchen and would come up with some contraption I would call my magic potion.
Confession time...A few time my mother lost it complete when I made a major mess.

Well my hubby and I at times don't see eye to eye on how we should eat. Statement time..I should give the devil its due. Compare to most men he eat pretty darn good. I don't think there is a veggie he really doesn't like.
I like to juice and make smoothie. So if one wants or needs to know anything one can just google it.
So I googled in what I believe was these four things. “what is the best food for a liver cleanse, what is the best food for a gall bladder cleanse, what is the best food for a kidney cleanse,, and what is best food for spleen cleanse”

This is the best food for the liver.
one garlic glove*
three or four carrots*
one grapefruit
Note time...I been told that red grapefruit is better for ones liver. But if you can't afford grapefruit now and have to purchase the juice. I notice around here all the red and pink grapefruit juice has high fructose corn syrup. But it seem quite a few of white grapefruit juice doesn't have high fructose corn syrup.
This is the best food for the gall bladder
half to one cup of cabbage. Note time...I use kohlrabi* from the garden
2 inch of ginger root*. Note time...I really like ginger root and would add a little more for my personal taste.
One apple*
The best food for the kidney.
a hand full of Parsley
The best food for the spleen
three stalks of celery*
one plum
hand full of lettuce
  • these food are best ran though a juicer. Ones these food are ran though a juicer pour into your blender and add remaining from above.

    Drink up. To be part of the hunt please stop by our hostess Tn Chicks
    next week theme is symbolic.

    Editor Note...Up here in boonies of North Idaho our computer connection to internet hasn't been running all that smooth.


  1. Beer is the best food for everything.

  2. The other "drink" post I read also talked about smoothies, and by coincidence was on the day I talked about smoothies. (But I'm not putting garlic in mine.)

  3. My wild raspberries are almost ready to start turning into shakes and cobblers.

  4. I love your take on the theme...I also love your recipes for the smoothies....I have to try them!


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