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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Weather Report May of 2011

The hottest day in May was on the 21st at 78 (25.5)
The coldest day in May was on the 3rd at 26.6 (3.2)
The average high for the month of May was 62.3 (16.8)
The average low for the month of May was 33.4 (0.7)
Rainfall for the month of May was 1.75 (4.4)
Saw first lighting flash was on the 31st of May.
Over the May day weekend Murphy and I decided to take a drive up on Solomon area to look for rocks. Looking across the valley is Purcell Mountain range.
As for the rocks we didn't bring out that much. The three reason are we didn't have mineral permit, My sleep time got messed up. Statement time...I stayed up to late.
Plus both of us has veto power. After each of us gets to pick our favor rock.

So being that close to Solomon lake we stop in. Last time I was there it was so low. Actual I was wondering if it was going to dry up.
It been a wet spring and still there more snow to come off the mountains. So Solomon lake has plenty of water in it.

The day before (Sunday) Memorial day Murphy and I went up to Grand view Cemetery to decorate 5 graves. Between Murphy and I we have 19 relatives up there. So we decorate our parents graves. Then also my cousin Doyle and my Uncle John.
The way I picked I put the reminding two graves I want to decorate is place there names in sandwich bag and had Murphette draw two names out.
I'm not a big memorial day fan it least of my favorite holidays.
Confession time...I would do differently for Memorial day. As I posted here

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