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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photo Hunt (Card(s)

Every ideal and thought I had for this week photo hunt I thought was lame. I been blogging since 2005 I believe.
At first I never printed off my blog and I came up with ideal to print off my blog and put the pages in binder. Statement time...which is big pain in ass.
So I found a site called blog 2 print
and they been making my blog into a book form. I'm just doing some finish touches so I can order December 22, 2007 until March 21, 2008. (Volume VII)
I will put this on my credit card
Confession time...I wish I new about this company long before this.
To be part and to see what other posted visit our hostess TN CHICK


  1. wow, a printed volume of your blog! that is cool! i will check the site, too.:p thanks for sharing.

  2. I never thought one could turn one's blog into a book. Now that's an idea as a gift for people who don't want to go online... like my dad! :b

    Thanks for it. :)

  3. I gotta check this out. Maybe if I put it in a book, I won't feel bad about weeding out my archives.

  4. That looks like a cool site :-)

  5. Well, hello there. I used to print my blog posts but stopped, why? Unless we delete them our blogs will be online like forever and anyone around the world can stumble upon them and start reading them. I have readers from all over this rock that visits my blogs and a hundred years from now others will still be finding my posts.

    I may sound a little crude at times.

    Hell, that's easy work for me, I'm always pissed at this planet. :-)

    Raised my kids in Colville so you know it if you know Spokane.

    Gonna git a blue healer if I ever git to move to the boondocks.

  6. I've considered doing this. That way if I ever want to delete, it will be easy.

  7. that's a really cool idea...glad you found the website that does that....


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