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Monday, May 23, 2011

No ! But Thats Ok

I had things I want to do today. But it seem like it been somewhat a bumpy day. I went and help out muphette today. She had her counseling and that was it. Somehow we where about 10 minute late and general both of us don't run late.
So when I arrive home I had things I want to get done but not a need.
Murphette and I been watch the old Gothic soap opera called Dark Shadow 
which started in 1966. I couldn't watch this show at my parents home. Statement time..it scared the crap out of me.
Wouldn't admitted at time when other friends would watch it and I was at there house. I was still scared shitless.
My son Bart who is 20 made the comment there bunch of bad actor.
I couldn't hook up the DVD player and had to unhook the box for the TV. In short of things I don't have either now.

I want to do more out in the garden. My left hip been giving the what for. I ended pulling some weeds in strawberries. Now there in bloom and a few fruits are sitting.

I can't find any scissors to cut grass around in my royal sunshine flowerbed. I know we have plenty of serriors.
But now we have the deep dark purple tulips in bloom and my dark yellow tulips are finishing off.
The shorter dark purple iris are in bloom now.

One of my pale blue iris or ice color short iris is starting to bloom if you look next to it star bethlehem is starting to bloom.
On the other end of hodge podge flower bed the lilly of the valley is starting to show color.

Yesterday we had a down pour of rain but right under the front window things don't get water because of eves of the house.

I have trouble staying in one position for any length of time. So I have to change position so I do odds and ends around the place.
Plus my knee and my back is giving me trouble but not like my left hip is.

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  1. I really like the light blue of that iris.


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