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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer of 09

First day of summer or the celebration of Litha .
Some even may even celebrate the feast of St John the Baptist It general been nice during the week leading up to summer time.
The cattle have been grazing out in pasture as the grass is nice green and tall.
I notice there a few wild daisy out in the pasture.

I made some Banana nut bread. So the evening before Murphy and I had a piece. I had some red tea with mine.
It has been a real uneventful day. Which I give thanks for.

So Murphy and I went out in garden and did some gardening. He hoed the entire garden
But I call him the gigho.
So everything is doing fine basically in the garden.

I’m surprise the vine types of crops are doing as well considering we had a frost.
Friday morning I decided to stop by the farmers market in Bonners Ferry. I don’t go that often mainly because of the prices.
But I decided to purchase two hot peppers. Which I believe one was a hot cherry pepper and the other was a super chili pepper.
I found some orka seeds which I got from seed swap which hollowing hill
I wasn’t part of this spring. It great and it was amazing all the different and cool seeds one gets.
So we planted a short bit of orka.
Plus we redid some swiss chard because where it was planted before in dip. It kept flooding out.
So we leaved the ground in that area of the garden


  1. looking at your farm reminded me of facebook. my farm there needs a lot of work.

  2. Happy summer to you my friend. Your garden is getting along wonderfully.
    I just picked my first beans today. It must be wonderful to have hubby help in the garden.

  3. Summer has come upon us here in Northern Ontario all at once...today it's in the low 90's and now I'm complaining it's too hot! lol We finally planted our veggie garden about two weeks ago and everything is starting to come up now. Our growing season is so short, it's a wonder we can grow vegetables at all! I'll be right over for a slice of that delicious looking banana bread:-) xoxo

  4. I can't wait to see the fruits of your labour. I wish I have land to plant vegetables or fruits.


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