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Friday, June 26, 2009

Pleasant Valley Neighborhood

We have new noisy neighbors. Some purple martins took residents in the blue birdhouse.
I believe they could receive a ticket for disturbing the peace.
When the dad and mom is gone. You can hear his or her youngster just making all sort of noise.
I haven’t seen any of the little ones yet.

I start to walk once again. I guess I been waiting for Rex to recover from his injuries. I guess we both enjoy walking in our own ways.
Rex is dog of Donna.
So I made the decision to start walking again. Which I go and do every other day.
Add little distance every time I go out.
If the weather is bad I either get on the health rider or tread mil.
So today I just walked in my own neighborhood.

I always like wild daisy and these daisy our out in the cattle pasture.

I always like looking across this field
I find a lot of beauty. Usual the field is so green all year. Then the mountains and hills in back ground.
Lot of time one will see wild game.

Almost to highway there building a new church is being built in our neighborhood.
I believe majority of the neighbors was against them moving in.
People around here aren’t to fund of change or anything that is different.
I would guess who attended the planning and zone meeting appose them from moving in. I believe the main reason that people object to church was there going to be a cemetery with it.
I heard a few grips about the Minster on his looks. He has long hair.
I have no ideal of there teachings.
We have the choice of freedom of religion and freedom from religion.
I know some people think we are a christen county. We are a secular country. But I wonder if the christen right knows this.
Statement…Sorry about getting on my soap box
One thing did worry me. Was the turn off the highway.

I don’t know if I’ll every go and visit this church but I real don’t mind them being in the neighborhood.
A least my mind and heart isn’t close to them

They’re so many neighborhoods. As I was traveling around the blogger world. I came upon a give away over at Lash tastic fun at end
I took a brief look at her blog called terrence and becky


  1. I enjoy reading your point of view. Nice to see the photos of your neighborhood. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. You live in a beautiful place. at out old home they built an Islamic community center behind us and the property ran all the way beside us. My only fear was them being hurt and including our home. I met some of them and they let me plant on the property by my drive way to replace some of the woods that were removed to install sewers. My daughter worked for one of them and he was a great boss.
    My self I do not object to any ones rights as long as I am not hurt by them.

  3. I love your blog...
    Come see mine and my NEW giveaway...



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