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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SomeTime One Has To Dig Deep In One Pockets

I can’t believe when we paid in our Taxes this year. There people out in universe pays a lot more then we do.
It sure sat us back.
I thought we would pretty well be ok for this year (08) tax season. We still have one kid at home.
I have managed to save up $520 dollars to pay our second half of our property taxes.
But our Automobile taxes our due. Which is right around $800 for six months. Bart already gave us the cash for his auto in insurance.

Murphy gets paid Wednesday. So I can pretty well catch up on our natural gas bill. But it won’t completely.
I’m still waiting for the rest of my bonus check. If I don’t see by Friday I’m calling up the company

Drove Faith around today. She gave me some Jerusalem artichoke.

I lost two and quarter pounds this week at T.O.P.S. Now I hit the 185-pound mark. Not a real mark. Half way to the 170’s.
Not sure what special thing I’ll do for my self.
I’m still planning to get my ears re-pierce when I hit the 180’s
.But I haven’t yet

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  1. Taxes are crazy, aren't they? I'm self employed, & this year am working on paying my 'quarterly' taxes, so next one will be due in July. . . .

    Congrads on the weight loss! That's great - & do treat yourself!! I do massage, & that's often what folks choose for their 'treat' - a nice healthy one :)

    Stop by for a cuppa tea :)


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