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Sunday, May 03, 2009

More In and More To Come

The best parts of yesterday we spend time in the garden planting a few items. To be quite honest they weren’t doing well in there containers.
So we got in mixture of lettuce, broccoli and cauliflower.
We planted our peppers into large container

I notice more and more of the daffodils are beginning to bloom in full. Yet more to come

So this morning I made buckwheat pancake my oldest son Sawyer is up for a visit.

I got my white gladiolus in the patriotic flowerbed. Which needs more

I got some dahlias from my sister in law Faith which I put in the hodgepodge flowerbed.
I save some back and they’ll be going into our regular veggie garden.

I bought a plate at a yard sale and my sister in law Faith has a display wall of interesting plates in their bed and breakfast place.
She liked it.
I have to say she looked tired. Yesterday a bridle couple used their place. I paid a whole dollar for it

So this evening Murphy and I planted more in the garden we got in some onions. We planted walla walla and sweet Spanish.
Then we put in a half of roll of kale seeds.
The other half of the kale roll we put in some leeks.
At the end of the onions I stuck in a dahlia.
Between the kale and leeks I stuck in a dahlia.
At the very end of the kale anther dahlia planted.
There still a little room left in the leek roll even after the dahlia.
I’m leaning toward putting zinnia in.

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