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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When The Simplist Part Of Life Has Many Joy To It

Work and things of one may do to maintain a home is going a lot smoother, then before.
Not prefect.
I even have been doing a little on my crafts in evening.
The pillowcases I start are all most done.
Actual I believe they should be done before Mothers day

I order a book called wreak this journal and Jamie will be our host for this book group. Please take a moment and visit The next chapter for more info.

The garden is on stand still. Nothing changing in garden we have been having high winds it been very cold for this time of the year.
Yesterday as the wind howl Murphy and I went and staked out the garden. I personal want to but in some boxes. Do to time and money it not happening


  1. That is great your projects are almost complete. It is pouring rain here. The garden is in stand still mode here to.Have a great week.

  2. So glad things are coming together for you...and love the kitty!

    Hoep all is well

    love, Jess

  3. I would love to look at your finished art work and the progress of your garden. :)


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