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Monday, April 27, 2009

Three Seems To Be Something

Around the new moon I like to take a look at my self in deep sense or more harder look at one self.
This time I decided to draw a tarot card and it came up with the prince of swords.

I have to say I’m somewhat slipping to confusion in my life. I feel like I just step on merry go around and it going not real fast.
I real don’t know when I should get off of it.
I can’t come up with real stable or solid plan for me to take the direction I need to go.
I want to blame the economy. How true it does play a super part of our life in what we can and can’t do.
I thought I did three simple chores before I went to work. It help me a lot of ways. Mainly I feel like I’m contributing.
All of last week I really don’t recall doing any type of crafts. prince of sword

LeWalla and I went to Sandpoint to listen to a Buddhist priest. Confession time…I was some what confuse on some of what he was teaching it was lack of basic knowledge.
But I did get some out of it a positive way.
I like the part we are all students and need not to blame others for our own faults. We are or should be accountable for our self

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