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Sunday, April 19, 2009

They Put Their Pants On One Leg At A Time

I swore up and down that I wouldn’t get involve with Facebook or twitter
Then I swore once again I would just look at common human social net working or blogs.
Confession time…I’m looking at Oprah on twitter, her friend Gayle King, and Martha blog and on twitter
Knowing that the odds are against us for visiting one of us 6 packers as in beer or pop drinker.
Not saying they might enjoy a nip here and there in life.
It would be so strange if a famous/well known person left a comment on our blogs. I wonder if they even read a few blogs from us 6 packers every once in a great moon.
And have the same thought about life as we do.

I got one local tv anchor person form khg on twitter. I went looking for few more I got two one from N.P.R and the other one form slate.
Plus I only got one of my elected officials found at facebook, Walt Minnick. But I haven’t had much luck finding them.
In general I don’t agree with the main thinking of my elected officals here in Idaho. But they are my elected people who work for us in Idaho. I don’t agree with lot they do

Maybe one of them would ask me how to solve a problem. I guess we all can have our dreams in life

Editor note...I know some else properly do there social net working and there blog. But we still have an interest those people who is in media


  1. My self I thing they have people to do things like that for them. I had 50 cent and some one else sign my guest book for my genealogy web site. And all it did was put a link to there site for free. So I tossed them I had to moderate comments to stop things like that.

  2. I really don't care what Oprah has to say about my blog. It is interesting that so many have jumped on the Twitter band wagon.


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