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Monday, April 13, 2009

Raw Diet Thats Not Bad But What's Down the Road

I don’t know why my client thinks I’m some type of superwomen she went on a Raw food diet which is better diet that she recently been on.
But she is person who has trouble finding balance in her life. It seems she to one extreme to anther extreme in her life style with no middle ground.
I know this raw food thing shouldn’t be all that hard but it change in her life style. There quite a bit of prep work for doing salads.
There a little less I believe in smoothies.
Juicing isn’t all that hard.
Plus I do her cleaning, shopping, and walking her dog Rex.

This isn’t bad once I get a routine done but she wants to add more like sprouting, dehydration, and Reflexology which I done before with Doc who was a very wise an knowledgeable man who lived into his 100 but some what a royal pain in ass.

But one of her ideal scares the hell out of me. She has this min trampoline and she wants me to help her jump on.
Her the kicker.
She extremely over weight more then 100 pounds.
Her knees are bad do to injury and the extra weight doesn’t help.
Her ideal is to sit on the trampoline and she sits on the trampoline and I get on it and I gentle balance her up and down.
After I balance her on a trampoline I’ll have to help her up off of it and I would guess it stands about a foot to a foot and half off the ground.
Honest time…I’m so afraid that I might be come injured my self I can see and understand for her to loose weight she needs some type of exercise program.
But in her state I’m not sure what.
Confession time…As I was driving home I wish I was disable to point I would get check and still take care of my self.
She keep telling me what she wants to do and I keep thing I’m going to go crazy and my heart racing and I feel like I’m having anxiety attack from being overwhelm


  1. Peppylady,

    I would just tell her that helping her on the trampoline is NOT in my job description and that I can't take it on because it could cause either her or you injury. If she gets hurt while you are helping her, she may sue you. Please refuse and be safe.


  2. I agree, I would NOT help her with her trampoline idea. It is not safe for her or you. It would be much safer and better on her knees to try a stationary bike, yoga or swimming. Or even a gentle walk.

  3. Oh I would say no too. My daughter had to have knee surgery just from jumping to the ground from the back of a truck. and she was not over weight at the time. Tell her to get doctors advice and he will say no. Or send her to a physical therapist.

  4. You don't have to do this for her, I like the other ideas people have given you. I too have anxiety/panic issues (on SSD), I've been seeing accupunture and meds if needed plus daily meds for years! Honey, don't let this consume you, you can say no to this and still be kind! God Bless, Sheron

  5. WOW - like they said, pass on doing anything you don't feel safe doing! I take a water aerobics class, & that's a good option for her (but would you have to get her there?)
    My daughter has been reading a book on working with mental health issues with diet & nutrition - she also has anxiety, & is excited that her doc & counselor are supportive of this. (I think the counselor recommended the book) Do take care of you!!

    THanks for stopping by to 'see me' as often as you do, I always enjoy your comments!

  6. You might suggest she try swimming but I don't know if you have a 'Y' near you. That would truly give her safe exercise, and keep you safe.

    I'm sorry you're feeling so overwhelmed.


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