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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Popping Right a Long

Well yesterday my boys and Sam their cousin decided to go on a road trip back to see Sam mom Susan that is Murphy sister.
She and her husband live in Hettick Illinois, which is between Springfield and St Louis.
Now here the kicker.
Bart wonder if I had any trouble with him going back to see his Aunt and I asked him how many days he could miss of school.
He said he needed to be back in School next Thursday.
Then I said ok but be careful and he is still minor until the 25th of April.
He want to drive my car down to Postfall were Sam and Sawyer is at. I told him my car wasn’t going to Illinois.
He assures me that my car was staying there.
Well this conversation happen in B.T.C
Mean time as I was getting a leg of Lamb for Easter and few other provisions. I ran into my sister in law Faith and one of her grand daughter.
I told her that Sam, Sawyer and Bart was going back to see Susan. I was wondering if Amy has coming up for Easter.
She didn’t know anything about the trip back East.
I guess she called up Amy and she never knew they took off and she called up Sam and wondered what was going on.
I guess Sam started his childish behavior and start to yell “your not my mommy”
I talk to both boys today once this morning and they were by Mitchell South Dakota and once again this afternoon and they were a little over a 100 miles from Des Moines Iowa.
I told Sawyer to give me a call once they got to there Aunt place

The seedlings are coming along nicely. A few things I was starting to give up on. I only had a few Spanish Sweet onions come up but now I notice more.
Walla Walla sweet onions I never seen anything until today.
I was about to call the seed company were I ordered my seeds and tell them nothing going on with the peppers and celery.
Finely something is happening it sure took it sweet old time.
Murphy out racking the yard and I washed the outside wall the North side.
I notice that my Easter Hyacinth is showing some buds on them out by the barn.

My Uncle Henry is in the hospital in Spokane although not sure why but he is 80 years old


  1. Kids are always up to something. No matter how old they get. lol. Glad you seed is working now. I have lots of seed growing. I started a blog journal to keep track. Sorry to here of Uncle Henry. Hope he is ok. Have a great Easter.

  2. Oh - I'm here in Western New York, where we had snow last week. I havn't even started seeds yet, but your photos have me praying for spring! I love to see seedlings peeking through the dirt, almost more than flower tucked in rows. :) Happy Spring!


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