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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heads or Tail (Down On the Farm

I real jumped for joy when I found out this week theme for heads or tail and this week theme is down on the farm and next week theme is “any past theme “

I never consider a berry patch much of a farm. Simple reason or I should say I thought one needed to produce animals and or work at all year.
We had 1 ½ acres of strawberries and 1 ½ acres of raspberries. I have no ideal why my parents decided to go in the berry farming business.
I know I must been quite young
First patch was strawberries and it was behind our home on Cataldo in Spokane Washington.
I know I could hardly get over the plants.
The first roll on the west side of our yard was us kids never. She never had any trouble with people steeling berries.
My mom pretty much ran the patch of berries. My dad had an ideal that he was going to wait until the entire patch was ripen and make a bucketful of money.
But a lot of them got over ripe.
My grandmother Olive had a veggie cart and sold things off it. So my mom recalls her doing this.
That’s the way my grandma bought school clothes for her kids in Nebraska.
My dad served on a customer and not knowing that the gentlemen who serve was my moms’ husband. She told my mom that she sure hope that ole grump wouldn’t be serving her
So she took over running the business of the berries.
I real don’t know even when the first raspberries patch went in. I know it was down the road a little on Cataldo.
I know they lost that patch from a disease called mosic.
Then later on the move the berry patches up on Pierce but one would enter the patch though Maxwell.
One thing I recall out in the berry patch.
My parents had this green 57 GMC pick up that was used for the berry business.
I have no ideal how this was every plan but I was going to learn to drive. First of all I was about 12 years old and rest pickers was the same age as me.
My mom left the keys in the truck.
I don’t recall who was in the rig but I know I was driving. I did find going forward and this pick up was a stick shift.
I did great going forward and I was doing ok going backwards until I hit the gas instead of the brake.
I ran into a stack of flats of berries and my mom came across that berry patch and I thought she was going to kill me.
She looked complete like she was insane.
Well from then on she took the keys and I had to pick the berries I destroyed.
There a lot of memories form the berry patch and even a few good berry fights.

I don’t recall every little thing in the berry patch but I must been quite young. I must not of been very old a we one.
A later date I bump into someone who worked in my parents berry patch and they told me they feed me earthworms.
I don’t recall eating earthworm.
Knowing me I was pretty aggressive kid and I would guess I was being a pest


  1. I LOVE this post! It reminds me of being a child and picking wild blackberries at my grandmother's house.
    It reminds me of taking my own kids to raspberry and blueberry farms to pick bucketfuls.

    It reminds me I'm hungry and sure would like a homemade pie! :)

    The learning to drive story was kind of funny. Too bad you got into trouble.

  2. How fun was that! I would not want to know I was fed a worm. yuk. lol


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