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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Heads or Tail (3 things)

Heads and Tails going to be quite simple list 3 things. OK I’ll list 3 things I don’t like.
I could add a few more if I real thought about it. Honest time…I like more then I dislike
1. I don’t like doing dishes
2. I don’t like balancing the check book
3. I don’t like any thing to do with the medical field
Next time around the theme will be “Reason”
Remember on the 25th of each month I do in the know “what do you see out of your front window”


  1. I can say we have those same 3 in common. I just got an mri today so I am thankful for finally getting one. I needed it in 06 or 05 but did not have insurance. My xray showed something in the base of my tung and throat. I went for head and neck. So hopefully this will answer what is wrong with me.

  2. I just say no to the balancing the cheque book..it's just way to depressing...how can you balance nothing from nothing....

    Great list hope you have a super week...

  3. I don't like anything related to cleaning & can't wait 'til our current financial crisis is over so we can hire our cleaning lady back!!! And because of said financial crisis, I've been avoiding balancing my checkbook. The economy is evil! lol

  4. I'm a clean freak so dished I don't mind.

    Hubby does the checkbook, although not very well. He always forgets to write things in. At least we never get overdrawn.

    I'm not fond of medical anything. Unfortunately I seem to end up having to deal with them more than I would like.

    Thanks for the coffee. :)

  5. I actually don't mind doing the dishes.. not at first when I start but once I get into it, I enjoy just standing in silence while I think of stuff.

  6. Tee Hee - all those things are better when they're DONE!!
    I don't mind balancing my check book - but was surprised the last time I did it that I hadn't for awhile (I've heard that truely rich people don't bother!)

    Did you decide where to put the rhubarb? I had some, but it wasn't in a good spot - have LOTS of horseradish along my fence (that I don't use!) & think of putting some in there . . .
    thanks for the cuppa

  7. Your list of three for HoT this week....I'm so with you. I'm so with you, and I'm so with you.

    My Three are up now. See you at my place. Be there, or be square! [LOL]

  8. I dislike your #1 and #2 also. I never used to mind balancing the checkbook, but now it has become a complete chore, and I simply don't have the time or energy for it anymore. Have a great Tuesday!

  9. I agree...my list might be longer, though!

  10. I am with you on all three of those things...dishes are my nemisis..they never end...

  11. I don't mind washing dishes, but I hate drying them.

  12. I dislike doing the dishes. It is really bad since my dishwasher died.
    Come see my HOT entry.

  13. in the past i also don't like anything to do with the medical field until i got sick with lupus.

    i too don't like balancing checkbooks but i have to to keep track of our finances.

    thanks for visiting my hot @ lupusurvivor.com


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