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Saturday, March 07, 2009

It Was A Day of Bargins

Yesterday my friend Quenele and I went to the rummage sale at the United Methodist Church in Bonners Ferry.
Then we went to both of the local thrift store.

I found two more item to add to my gift box for Christmas.

One is a puzzle and I have a niece who loves fantasy but I’m not sure how she on puzzle.
But on the other hand I anther niece who loves puzzles. Plus the puzzle wasn’t ever open it is 1000 pieces
I’m also adding for some friends and for a teenage girl I thought the bath srubby thing would be great.
But I’ll have no control over who will get any of this stuff.

I didn’t get my self very much a pair a lake blue colored slacks and this angora sweeter

I know I got Murphy some tee-shirts, a blow dryer, and nylon coat

All the stuff at the rummage sale was by donations and I gave them $4.00

I got the boys both T-shirts for Easter I know there a little big for the Easter Bunny but I still enjoy getting them things.
Although I can’t recall which thrift store I got the t-shirts at

This one for Sawyer

This on for Bart
But also I got some other stuff at local thrift stores but I took no picture of the items
I got my self cast iron frying pan it got 8 dividers in it.
I also found a new tube of lotion which I was going to add to my own stocking at holidays it cost me .69¢ and never been used.

I have this list of names for my gift box and now I can’t find it. I find this mind boggling

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  1. A cornbread making skillet! I used to have one of those, but, don't know what ever happened to it. I used to love going to Value Village up here in Spokane, but, I have way too much of everything now, so I only go when I'm donating stuff. Have a good weekend. I hope the snow misses you.


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