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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the Know (Like and Dislike About Your Job)

I almost forgot about “In the Know” and sense I have great desire to be learning from both sides of the coin.
What I want to know is What you like and dislike about your job

As most of my readers know that I do home care and it does have it ups and down. Let say the biggest factor is type of client you get and my first one was a dirty old man.
I believe people do better in there own home environment then in some type of hospital sitting.
Every client I have gotten I learn something from which I could better my self

As most job everyone feels they should be earning more money and I’m the same. Actual in my area I’m paid quite well most home care workers make under $10.00 an hour and I make $12.27 and hour.
Plus bonus and my last bonus was a little over $700.

If I can the home care outfit it would be a whole lot different and I Bet a lot people say this.
The other day we got our bi yearly bonus and they gave us memo on about elderly abuse.
Let me tell you they are elderly people who abuse their client and not all older people are nice some are right down mean and nasty.
I don’t know how much the client are checked out but our back ground is total checked out with finger prints and nothing done on the client

Medicaid is where my paycheck is coming from and they’re middle company whom mange the homecare. I understand these home care agency get good pay from Medicaid and some people are paid crap. Which I’m not

I live in a very small community with low population and we are aloud 100 miles a month to any errands our client needs. Well which isn’t all that much if I take my client to closes wal-mart a round trip would be about 65 miles.
Now we should have commercial insurance on our rig and none of us makes that type of wages to care it

Heard the ole wise saying “Penny wise pound foolish” well that’s Medicaid for you.
A Medicaid social/nurse comes in to these people home and see what they need. One thing they don’t take in the entire family and I’m including pets.
One of my clients had a daughter who was starting school and one of my chores for her was laundry.
But by rights I wasn’t to do any other laundry then hers and she real couldn’t do her own and how would anyone expect her to do her daughter laundry.
If she could do her daughter laundry and then she could do her own.
The Medicaid system is set up at this time for the people not to get better. Sure as long as client isn’t getting better these homecare outfit is making a killing off of Medicaid. I believe they would be better off to spend a little bit extra improving these people who is using Medicaid and it would total benefit everyone.
It only making a small percentage of people true income mainly pharmacies companies

Next month “In The Know” will be on the 25th of April. I would like to know “If I look out your front window what would I see”


  1. I always admire people like you who take on the job you're doing! I don't know if I could do it. I love elderly people but I've heard stories of how it can be trying to take care of them!! I still say you don't get paid enough for what you have to go through at times. It just irritates me no end that the big companies make so much money while the workers do all the work!! The home care workers here in my city are on strike right now because of low wages...in an interview this morning, one of them said she felt so bad for her clients because she's all they have, so many of them have no family and no one to take care of them while she's on strike!! xoxo

  2. Hi I was here last night but could not get blogger to post my comment. I love working with animals and people. I do not work now. But we have a kettlekorn business. And will try to get it running this year. With my daughter near we may have some help.

  3. I hope you can get medicaid to make some changes in their system. I agree with you - it's better to empower people, help them to get well and look after themselves.
    Your bonus sounds awesome! I've never had a work bonus.

  4. I have worked with the elderly. I've seen them abused (by a nurse, which was reported. I lost my job for reporting her) and I've seen the elderly abuse nurses. It works both ways and it's sad.

    Money is the root of all evil. Many terrible things are done in the name of money. It is the same everywhere. Everyone wants more and will get it any way they can. This is especially true for companies that are making millions each year, yet taking advantage of unfortunate souls.

    Enjoyed your post and kudos to you for the job you do. It certainly isn't an easy one.


  5. I'm taking care of my 90+ sickly in-laws and I admire caregivers like you who choose to do the dirty jobs.

    It's not easy and I constantly want to scream. :P


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