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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Got the Yuks

Well I came down with something like they crud it been hanging on for two weeks now. I went to the doctor and my regular doctor wasn't in.
The truth be known I should of went in yesterday but Donna my client had an appointment to take Rex into the vet and she real need the help.
So I made in the doctor and I got some steroid to get me over the hump I have a bit of asthma.
I've always had a fast heart beat and he though I might have a thyroid trouble and he check my finger nails you see I have no moon on my finger nails.
So they drew blood to check for Hypothyrodism and also see if I'm Anemia
The test results will be back tomorrow


  1. I hope your feeling better soon

  2. hope your tests come out okay!!


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