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Friday, March 20, 2009

12 Secrets (Subracting Serenity Stealers)

Around 4 AM this morning Spring arrived here. As you can see we do have snow still on the ground but it slowly going away. Actual the first snowflake was Nov 6 of 08 and last snowflake I seen coming down was March 18 09.
It hard to real notice any sign of spring. It hard to find anything because we still have snow on the ground and yes they’re bare ground showing.
I’ve notice birds are building next and merry chirping away. I have bulb showing above the soil. The days are longer and it light when the evening news comes on.
I haven’t decided when I’ll be doing my Oestra meal I work today and I found a new chicken casserole I want to try.

We are coming to a close on the book we been reading 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and secret # 11 is Subtracting Serenity Stealers

There was two sentence spoke load and clear to me

Negative life choice steal your peace of mind and eclipse your well being

Deep down, you know what disturb your inter peace and what you need to cast off.

I believe for the most part we know why we sabotage our self and I know why I don’t sometime I don’t complete or drag them out more then I need to.
If I told my parents if I was done with a task they gave me and if I told them I was done they would say “you did a nice job but and tear it apart in most part of my life I couldn’t stand the word but. Confession time…I still drag things out more then I need to.
But if I would say “I ran out of time and can I finish this later on” I would have to hear them say “you did a good job, but”
Both of my parents are on the other side now. I don’t drag things out as I use to but I still do.

the last two night I kept having dreams and I believe dreams our way of our subconscious mind is commutating to us.
Dreams can be very tiring

my dream goes as follow…Murphy and I been fighting over money actual $45.00 dollars and money was tight.
He wants to buy some marijuana with the money and he was being such as asshole and I said I would pay him the money. I don’t recall by a penny a day or a dollar a day. But if he kept his griping up I would make his life pure hell

I don’t believe dreams are good or bad actual I believe they help us and times I use dream dictionary

I know there factors that comes into our life and everyone I know the economy is a factor.
In times pass I would let this shut down my movement on my goals but not this time. I want to quite my job right after Bart got out of high school and do my crafts. I’m not producing as I would like to but I’m creating. I almost now got my jar lid down and making progress on the pillowcases.
I even brought a few mold of mugs down to cast ceramic slip in. I even did anther step getting the mugs cast. I got in some trimming from other things I have cast and add water to trimming bucket so it can be revived. Statement time…I don’t like to waste

I wonder what book we will be doing next and when

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  1. Thanks for stopping by while I was gone. Missed ya!


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