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Friday, February 06, 2009

Self Focus

It Friday and I’m part of book blogging group called 12 secrets
This week topic is Self Focus

Time I wonder if I’m bi-polar when it comes to be in command of my own life. They are days I’m but together and seem to have well mapped out plan and there those days I don’t have one.
Well one thing I find out that work has plans A and plan B. I used to only go with one plan which was plan A and if that went to hell in hen basket I would be total frustrated and upset.
So then I learn not to depend on one plan so I made two plans of doing the same thing but in a different way and usual plan C would work out for best all around.
That what I called plan A and B in combo.

But resent my life and plans of creativity change and the world economy change my plans for a while.
I’m so thankful that my hubby Murphy is doing over 75% of the home chores as I’m at work.
But finding the energy and time to be creative.
I use to have a to do list when I stay home and some how that went by the way side since I started to work.
I’m not sure even how or what I need to put on a to do list.
I was so use to putting on things like dishes, laundry, garbage, dust and etc house hold chores.
But now with it all that done I should have time to create items but I don’t.

This line from page 90 did hit the nail on the head.…”Deadlines invoke the fear of god in me” says Barbara Sher
A dead line gives me the right to sit down and create instead of house cleaning or doing my taxes.
Note time...The fear of god/dess real don't put no fear in me or the devil/ess either
I know deadlines are fantastic things to complete goals but in lot a ways I make my time line to long.
In reason so I can put things off.
Recently in our T.O.P.S meeting we did our time capsule and one of the question how much weight do you want to loose 09 and I was going to put down 20 pounds.
The simple reason was that I could delay and making my goal a lot easier.
So I actual did put 40 pounds, which they don’t recommend that anyone loose over a pound week on the average and their 52-week in a year.
I’ve done this on other things so I can drag things out. I seem like I’m not late for appointments but when it comes to project.
It just not the weight lost things I’ll do it on quite a few projects.
My slight Scarlett O’Hara personality sure lights a tiny flicker in me


I did get around to do some embroidering on pillowcases that I plan to give out for the Christmas 09 gift exchange.
But my stains came out then I notice their was a mark from the older embroidery hoops I was using so I’ll pretreat them with basic H and it works so well


  1. your husband is such a sweetie. I'm glad you got somebody good who deserves you :)

    now, you must put yourself on that to do list when you make it. Your embroidery is beautiful. You need to make time for all your talents to blossom!

  2. I really like your take on things. Most enlightening. I agree with Kavindra, your husband is a sweetie. :)

    Your embroidery is delicately pretty!

  3. Peppylady,

    It's great that your hubby does the household chores while you are at work. That is a big help.

    Your embroidery project is very pretty. I am also embroidering a gift for someone, but it is kind of on hold with the new puppy. He keeps me very busy.

    To answer your question, the Yukon and Northwest Territories are actually territories within the boundaries of Canada. Nunavut is also a territory. Here is a link to the map of Canada's territories.


    I hope this helps you understand and thanks for asking. I'm always happy to answer questions about my country.


  4. I understand totally. And still I procrastinate. Why? I have no idea.
    Deadlines don't bother me. If the time passes, I just make another deadline.


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