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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Riding a Chariot With A Slight Smile

I never thought there were any certain to get spiritual ideals so sense it a new moon.
I decided to use the dictionary and the tarot cards.
Randomly picked a word and it is “simper” and I real quite didn’t understand the meaning of the word it means basically “smirk” and or “express”.
Honest time…I don’t like to express my self of adversity in my life I don’t want to seem like I’m complain and actual I complain more on my blog then I do in life.
Plus I have a speech disabilities and I sometime Murder words and it is called apraxia or language/speech dyslexia but I found it was easier to tell people about my speech and I found out that most people are understanding and those who aren’t “oh well”

Then on the tarot card I picked a #7 Chariot I can see this card has a lot of power and power that is given to any of us including my self should be careful were it came from.
If it form a demon source one should not have anything to do with it.
If it came from Good source one should still be use with wisdom.
I believe most battle can be won but sometime we don’t approach it in the right way and we make plenty of mistakes on the way to our goals.
I truly believe that God/dess wants us to be happy and if we real need and or want something it isn’t going to be given to us.
But we are going to have to work for it but I believe the good spirit will show us what we need to get our goals but we have to listen.
Confession time…I get frustrated at times and stick it way back in the closet of life

On yesterday posting I was asked by Jamie
When’s the first place you'd visit?
I have love of history and even my own family history. I would visit my own birth town of Bonners Ferry six week before I was born.
But I would get back to the present before I was born.
Then I believe I would go back to all the place and dates of my kin where

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