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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Many Roads of Love

This thing they call “love” and every February 14th we celebrate Valentine day. Is it amazing how many roads love takes us down? Some are pretty rough, big ole ruts in them, and some are plain smooth.
I’ve only new one type of road for “hate” although I don’t hate anyone but there are a few things in life I’m not a big fan of.

I’ve lightly thinking of love and how it been part of my life and the roads it took me down.
The love I had toward my parents. My mom and I got a long and if I had to use one word to explain her in positive and or a negative light. I couldn’t come up with one.
Then my father and I real had not a good relationship. The negative word I would use to define my dad is “grudge holding” the positive word I would use is “compassionate”. Our relationship my not have been prefect with my parents I would still say I love them.

Confession time…There been time I was so pissed at my hubby I actual wish I hate him and getting a divorce and taking everything, I wouldn’t even felt guilty.
But as we aged I feel a love toward him more.
We grew closer in so many parts of our partnership and enjoyed each other company and friendship although we don’t see eye to on every little detail in life.
Now for a positive word to explain my hubby “provider” and negative word “gripper” Note time…It seem like he always complains about be old he is 58 years old It sometime drives me nuts.

We have two boys which we are very proud of. The oldest one is living in Postfall with his cousin and going to North Idaho College.
The youngest one is a senior in high school and also doing real fine for him self.
Our main goal for our boys to be able to make a decision on their own and they can do this just fine.
So we taught them how to be true free thinkers.

I feel god/dess loves their children and there many things we do back in our everyday life to show our love toward god/dess.
Then main thing is god is life and we are truly bless with a (all the positives word one may come up with to bring into one life) life.
But on the opposite end of god/dess is devil/ess who real don’t want us to have a loving life.
So hope you all have love in your heart on Valentine time day and many times afterwards.

Editor note…I could post more on the devil maybe someday I’ll give my honest opinion on the devil but not today


  1. Our 31st is coming up soon so I understand when you talk about a deeper love having gone through all the ups and downs. Maybe we would have separated if we weren't so lazy.

  2. Much love to you Peppy! And lots of chocolate and coffee too! :)


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