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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Does He Just Support the Timber Industry

I e-mail some of our elected and appointed government officials a letter concerning the Making a Better America
This is the response I called form Congressmen Simpson Note Time….He isn’t from my district

Thank you for contacting me regarding the financial crisis facing our nation. I appreciate hearing from you and having the opportunity to respond.

As we face a global credit crisis that has paralyzed our financial system and brought uncertainty to our economy, Congress’s priority must be to protect American families, retirees, and small businesses. Hard-working Americans expect value and accountability for every tax dollar they send to Washington. We must restore confidence in the American economic system to keep local businesses alive and thriving, create jobs, protect retirement savings, and help families get the credit they need to send their children to college, buy a new car, or start a new business.

In recent weeks, the federal government has implemented a number of new policies to stop the hemorrhaging of our nation’s financial system before it infects the lives of all Americans, I expect these efforts to continue and in the coming days. The government’s response to this crisis has already played a role in helping to avoid a severe and crippling recession that would leave many Americans without work. Our economy has a tough road ahead of it, and Congress must continue to act wisely and prudently to carefully monitor and scrutinize the federal government’s actions to make sure that our investment in our nation’s economic security pays dividends for hard-working taxpayers, make long-term changes to our financial structure by reforming the way we regulate our financial services industry, and take responsible steps to stimulate our economy.

I am committed to protecting the economic security of retirees, families, and small business owners in Idaho. In addition, it is critical that we continue working to ensure that those who are struggling to pay their mortgages in full and on time are able to work out these problems through credit counseling and refinancing of loans. Addressing this crisis will require a broad scope of solutions, and I am considering your suggestion to thinning our forest for firewood with great interest. As Congress considers proposals to put our nation back on the road to sustainable economic health, I will continue to support meaningful pro-growth policies that will ensure that our economy not only recovers from this crisis but has the tools to grow stronger.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact me about this issue. As your representative in Congress, it is important to me to know your thoughts and opinions about issues affecting our nation today. I also encourage you to visit my website, www.house.gov/simpson, to sign up for my e-newsletter and to read more about my views on a variety of issues.

Mike Simpson
Member of Congress

Did I miss something the topic I wrote about was thinning the forest land. Although a lot of people would get up set with me in this area saying “The Timber industry in a lot of way didn’t benefit the health of our forest and actual add more to the trouble of our timber.”

Basically they took out the healthy tree and none of the genetically week and disease filled Forrest.
This could be well preventing by correct and common sense logging. The logging industry still blames the environmentalist as they pull out of town.
Opinion time…I’m for logging that is done for benefit of the forest


  1. Sounds like a boilerplate letter. They have a letter they mail out for which topic your letter got classified as.

  2. He just sent a general mail. I got one from Clinton's office once this his rubber stamp signature. That was the last time I wrote to the president.

  3. I agree with you on the forest issue. Or else we'll have no trees left.
    This does look just like a "form" letter. That sucks!


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