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Friday, February 13, 2009

12 Secrets (Stabotage)

On Friday Jamie is our host as we go though 12 Secrets and the topic is sabotage.

Sabotage oh this is such a confusing part of my life, so many roads and lot of branches of the main road of life.
Confession time…I’m my biggest own sabotage I’ll set things up in my life and guess what I do in a very short time I’m back doing my habit that I real need to change.
Let see I’ll list a few of them or my most resent ones.
1. No coffee in afternoon what do I do… I had 3 cups on Thursday.
2. Drink more water what do I do…I’m lucky if I get down 1 to 2 pints.
3. Every Saturday I was going to a least an hour or so on ceramics….I haven’t touch a piece in a good few weeks.
4. Then in evening when I didn’t work I thought of painting on ceramics…that a joke Santa in spare room a waiting his boots, frame, and eyes to be put in.
These sound like such simple changes in life but can I stick to it…”No”

You know those little voices in your head giving you all these messages and trying to solve your life problems.
Who are the ones are being truthful? We can call them anything we real want to but I’ll call them good spirits or evil spirits.
I know sometime it painful to hear the truth and Believe time…I believe the evil spirits will tell you what you want to hear but I believe the good spirits will tell you the truth even if don’t want to hear it.
Every so God/dess will simple tell us no

Like most people I have my own thoughts what I want to do with my life. I recall saying something to my parents.
They never said “get into the real world and start living in reality” but there saying “that sure a nice pipe dream”
So today I often wonder how much that statement of “pipe dream” have cause tribulations in my life.

I don’t know what or why this is. But we all have things we need or want to change in our life and I’m not even sure it why.
“We are comfort in our own skin” so we let those little gremlins stick around because we are comfortable with them


  1. Sounds like me right about now. Can't figure it out either.
    Coffee and chocolate are on!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog. To me, those *gremlins* *mind Chatter* or *Spirits* like you call them are some from the past, some from life experiences, and some from ourselves. I think finding the truth is found within ourselves. That authentic *real* voice when we settle down enough to really listen. it's those *pipe dreams* (I heard that too), etc.

    Our dreams often change as we change and grow. I know mine have. I am very much like you. Making promises to do this or that but go ahead and do the exact thing we are trying to change. The coffee thing is one of them for me too. Water as well along with wanting to quit smoking, but I am still smoking.

    What I have been doing is one thing at a time. Prioritizing my needs, wants, desires with what reality is. I know that there are the *Have to's* like paying bills, etc. Then there are those things I want, and have started writing those down.

    As far as the mind chatter and being comfortable in my own skin; the gremlins that tell me negative past ghost voices or are voices from people in my past who brought me down etc I work on eradicating them and moving onto doing something, anything positive to counteract those voices. It's like a ticker tape. I acknowledge it's there and then say *Thank You for sharing* and then move on. It's a lot easier said than done. On my good days those voices do not even attempt to enter because they know they are not wanted and will be beaten down. It's when I am having my *bad* days that I am more vulnerable and on those days I take it easy and try to relax and do something calming and quiet~

    Okay, now that I wrote a novel I will leave you with much love, light and support! You'll do all you put your mind too, when you're ready in your own time. Never give up!~

  3. We are all our own saboteurs!

    Rejoice in your successes my friend, and forget about everything else! :)

  4. Thank you for leaving a kind comment on my blog! :)

  5. I think that you are 100% right - we've grown so used to the negative voices that they are like part of us - even small successes are still successes and pipe dreams can come true if you let them.

  6. I have been on the road to change for a year now. So I have allot more control and understanding. It feels good to live in peace now. It is all happy brain washing but I am going to stick with it. Have a great week.

  7. I agree-- sometimes we know those "gremlins" so well and are so comfortable with them, its hard to stop listening to them. How do we become comfortable listening to the "good spirits"? I guess we need to help them raise their voices!

  8. I am my greatest saboteur also. but we need to keep fighter for ourselves. wouldn't you tell your best friend that? be a friend to yourself. by the way... Happy Belated Birthday!!

  9. Finding out what is going on with yourself is so important. As for your coffee, maybe you can switch to decaf? that's what I did & it made me & my doctor feel better!


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