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Saturday, February 21, 2009

12 Secrets (Guides) Photo Hunt (Warm) and Festivity

Chapter 7 is here now. I’m a part of a book blogging group and the book we are doing is 12 secrets of highly creative woman this week topic is “guides”

I sometime I had more honest guides in my life at this time. There are times I think of quitting my job.
But I sometime real don’t care about reality but I know facts or facts and the economy really sucks.

Thursday I was in town and stop in a new little artsy co-op they just open here in Bonners Ferry in old taft building on main street.
I walk though and looked at all the neat things.
It briefly inspired me and even thought of renting a space but I never even inquired about it.
Couple of reason I didn’t. I’m not all that sure how much Murphy going to be doing nursery work.
I make enough paying bills and keeping a roof over our head so I don’t feel this is real good time to gamble.
I don’t have enough inventories to real seek out any space.
I was talking to clerk Bonners Ferry is sure a small town and basically ever one knows everyone.
She said that her son would like to come back here and live but there no jobs around here.
I told her that my oldest one is going to school down in Courd’Alene and Bart a senior and I figure he will move out fairly soon after he graduated.
I thought I would see what the employment opportunity was here in Boundary County and I went to Idaho Labor and there is 9 jobs posted this week and last figure our unemployment rate is about 12%

This might sound self center some time just out blue I come up with something. Just the other day I thought of design to do for some mugs.
I’m thinking of doing a few for my Santa box.
Plus a short time ago I came up with a calendar which I call changing of the season and I’ll be adding that to the adult holiday gift exchange.

I’m all so inspire all different things in the world. People, words, and pictures. I do take clippings of different items and I do see beauty in each one of them. I might not care for it 100% but it does offer me inspiration some how.
Some time a word will come about a single word and it will grow into more then just that word. Like the other day pink stripes came to me. The ideal that grew was my enamelware ceramic mug.
Confession time…I don’t like to copy right down to letter T other people work but I do get ideals from there work
Listening to other people and talking to others also inspires me. I know I’m not the only one with creativity

I actual been working on the ceramic piece of “Santa in tub” I been putting in the eyes and doing touch ups. This was taking last Sat the 14th of February.
Plus I been embroidery away and also I took picture the same time I did the Santa in tub. I been doing French knots lately and had to refer back to a book on needle crafts on how to do them.

I haven’t done photo hunt in such a very long time and I mean long.
So this week theme is Warm and next week theme is “thankful”

Every morning Murphy and I have several cups of nice warm mugs of coffee and enjoy our time together.
As we sip on our coffee we talk about what our plans for the day may be and life in general.
This morning conversation was nothing real important but it was on when will the snow go away.
Murphy said it will be gone by the first part of March or the end of February. Well I think toward the middle of next week it will be getting cold again.
I ask Murphy if we still think the snow will be gone in a week and he had to admit it wouldn’t be.
I would guess we have about a foot and half of snow in our yard.

Yesterday we went over to Faith and Heinz to celebrate his 78th birthday. Both of Heinz and Faith Birthday is fairly close.
Faith is 6th of January and they took a trip to one of the Hawaiian Island last month.
Faith made a soup called Chipino and also serves crab cakes, veggie tray, pizza and also French bread.
We got Heinz a card and scratch Idaho lottery ticket and he won $10.00.
Oh we had cake and ice cream


  1. What nice projects! So whimsical! I hope one day you get the opportunity to open your own booth :)

  2. The economy is the way it is which makes things so difficult. However it hasn't stopped you from creating, which is great!

  3. I came for some warm coffee. :)

    With the world wide recession, every one's going through hard times.


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