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Monday, January 19, 2009

We All Live Under the Same Sun

Today being a day to celebrate Martin Luther Kings birthday or human right day.
It seems it a day to do a community project though out the United States and even in our little community.
We have two groceries store here and both place is trying to fill up to school buses full of food for our local food bank.
Money tight so I bought an extra $10.00 worth of food for the drive.

But with unemployment at almost 12% people are hurting around here.
Wonder time…I wonder how many people has the attitude of seeing people who uses the food bank or any other service organization as being welfare leaches.
But I have faith they’ll get one Bus complete full of food

My son Sawyer came up for a visit I have seen him for a couple of months. He and his cousin Sam had been busy moving snow during the month of December.
I guess they did real good and rumor has it he made $10,000 in a month. But I won’t ask him about the amount he made simple it none of my business.
I guess there going to bid on some building that was damage during the winter snowstorm..
I guess college is going ok he says his algebra class is a bit of a struggle for him

It was a day that I considered quitting my job. Donna been having some heavier health issue and that isn’t the reason I was thinking of quitting my job today.
She been having heart pain the sack around her heart is giving her problems again and she is retaining more water the usual.
But here the thing she believes that the devil is back and is telling him/her to shut up and go.
See at one time she was yelling at demons over the phone. I sure hope she isn’t going back to that again.
Opinion time…I think she over plays the demon card
I believe there good and evil spirits around us and we have complete control over who comes in us.
But I think sometime she confuses the demon and mental illness.

When I came home the guy Murphy works with anther Murphy stop over. I was talking a few moments to him.
It sure doesn’t look good for the tree industry at all.
I thought they sold some tree to some new golf course but I’m not even sure of that now.
One of the owner credit account they cut back.
My son Sawyer has good credit and they cut him back by ½.
I would say my job is more stable then his at this time but July our new budget is coming do.
I’m hoping and praying nothing going to change now.


  1. Honestly, it sounds as though Donna is having some problems with Mental Illness. She may not see it, or believe it...but as her caretaker I think that it's time for you to take action and contact someone who's in authority to step in, get her assessed and get her help if that's the case.

  2. Wow - there certainly is a lot going on over at your place! Your son would do well to continue moving snow. It sounds like it pays well!
    I hope your job is secure. You never know these days.
    Keep well.

  3. I'm wishing you some stability and ease - and no demon yelling!

  4. Dear, that sounds alarming. I agree with silver, she needs help, and you need to be safe. If she's that out of touch with reality and not getting help, who knows what she may do in her confusion.
    Take care of yourself!

  5. Peppy hopefully the change that took place today in Washington will give us all hope. Everyone is being more frugal these days which is probably a good thing.
    Happy day to you....
    I work with some crazy ones too.


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