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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

heads or Tails (feet/feat)

Today been a long day at work and I’m so glad that Heads or Tail and this week topic is Feet/Feat next week topic is "Loud"
Make any kind of post using "Loud" as your prompt. You can either use the word itself or post about something that IS loud.

My feet took me on a walk today.
Most day on my job my Donna dog Rex and I goes for a walk. We walk in neighborhood on which one time was Eaton. I would guess it was one of Bonners Ferry first Subdivision and the majority of the homes start to be built in 1900’s and last one was sometime in the 40’s.

So this is a place basically I start to move my feet on my journey up though Eaton neighborhood.
You’re looking up the Kooteni River toward Montana. I’m standing on oak street the train tracks in picture is the Burlington Northern.

My walk is a mile long and at the end of walk there some old farm place and at one time this road, Hemlock would have went up to an old dump.
So I took a picture before I turn around.

My feet takes me on a lot of adventures


  1. You, too, have a little snow. Nice walk you took!

  2. With scenery as beautiful as that I would be out walking, too!

    Thanks for playing. :)

  3. Oh I love your adventure Peppylady! I love going for walks and hikes like that. What a beautiful area you are in. Lovely.

    I can't imagine how good your strawberry fool would be with your own home grown strawberries!

  4. I'm with skittles! I would be out walking too!

    Love, Jess

  5. Those are good feet, they take you to some very beautiful places. Great photos!!!


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