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Friday, January 30, 2009

12 Secrets (Hills and Valley)

I real been enjoying being part of 12 Secrets a book blogging group.

To day topic is “ hills and valley of creative’ in anther words how we handle things.

Confession time…I have hard time handle praise I get embarrasses or I think people who gives me praise that there basically telling me little white lie.
I often won’t show or tell people my ideals or dream being afraid that they will laugh it or tell me that I’m just plain stupid.

Dream time…I like to have my own line of home and garden décor

I haven’t done anything creative but this year I have did some baby steps. I priced out some of my canister sets. The last one was a round Canister glazed with a decal should sale around $55.50 and that is when gas here in Bonners Ferry is at $2.51 and $3.00 a gallon.
My cost goes up like any other business. I have to have my clay ship to me and getting supplies is a cost


  1. Peppylady,

    Don't be afraid to express yourself. I find you to be a wonderful person and we all need to dream.

    I'm sure that the gas prices have put up your price of clay. Are you a potter? If so, I would LOVE to see some of your creations.

    Thank you for your prayers for Meeko. I appreciate it. He is at the vet's with hubby now and I will update my post when they return.


  2. I think that's a beautiful dream! I would love to see your work one day when you feel like sharing that with us. Everything costs so much these days, it's true! You gotta make money off your work otherwise, what's the point?

  3. I can relate to the lie/laugh confession.It's hard to put yourself out there sometimes.
    Cannisters,home & garden decor,I look forward to seeing your work.

  4. I'd love to see your work too. I know it would be nice.
    I got the calendar in the mail a few days ago. Thank you so much! I really like the fish - their colours are so fresh and summer-like.

  5. I do hope your dream comes to fruition. I know it will!!

  6. Thanks for daring to share your dreams and visions with us! Lots of creative vibes to you for following those dreams! Miracles to you... k-

  7. O Goodness it's Sisyphus incarnate. The fear of rejection -- but oh, so real sometimes. It does matter what others think sometimes and being validated or rejected is a huge butterfly or monster in our heads. but, honestly, stare it down. Why put ourselves through that -- Dream girlfriend, DREAM BIG!

    Share away -- it's only you you have to please -- anyway, it helps me to remember that.

    Congratulations on your baby steps, they leave foot prints of flowers behind you!


  8. Why is it so hard to hear and accept the positives about our selves? I hope you will learn to embrace them!

  9. I think that accepting that what we do has monetary value is, perhaps, yet another cycle. Congratulations! Your dream is wonderful.

  10. May your dream come to fruition.

    It's not easy putting ourselves out there. Baby steps is key...it will get easier....the bottom line is that you only have to please yourself, first and foremost, and any other positives are a bonus.

  11. You have to try and do your dreams. And not worry what others think. I worry about what I say is wrong but I am an empath of sort. I feel other peoples pain. And I try never to say the wrong thing. But you as a special person worthy of all your desires.

  12. I used to think any praise was just somebody feeling sorry for me ... sometimes I still struggle with that. I try and save all the good things in writing now and really look them over and let them sink in and believe them. You should too, because you are wonderful and unique and quirky and funny ~ and that's no white lie!

  13. I love your honesty about your work and handling praise. And taking baby steps are sometimes the best until you are ready to jump in.


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