Friday, August 22, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (Dog Day Moon)

I think sky watch is just wonderful. Such beauty from all over the world for us to see.
So if you want to be part of this meme or just view the sky in someone else world please take moment and visit the Home of Sky Watch

I don’t know if all in world had a clear sky for the full moon or not but it was just beautiful this August.
I heard the moon in the fullest raise about 2 in the afternoon on the 16th put it was still light and blast it hot.
Then sometime after eight it start to appear in the southeast horizon.

I don’t know what is it about August I get lazy let things go to hell in hen basket.
I might be looking toward a fall like season or maybe it’s the dog day of summers

As the sun was raising there was this low sitting fog in the hay field which add a special touch to beauty of mother nature


  1. I love your moon shot, its so awesome. I never managed to capture the moon right. Happy SWF.

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    The moon is cool...

    My entry is here

  3. Beautiful photo of the moon. And as far as lazy and August, it's the heat but more the more likely the humidity!!!! That's my excuse anyhow. Have a great weekend :)))

  4. nice shot of the moon

  5. Wow that is a fantastic picture of the moon!!

  6. Very nice shot of the moon.

  7. Wonderful moon! Great shot!

  8. I do love a moon shot, and that's a lot of moon

  9. I love your full moon shot! Great SWF photo!

  10. oh, great moon shot!

  11. the moon was amazing here in Woodford too..

    thankyou also for your kind words about my sister in law.... I appreciate them alot xo

  12. "Shine on , shine on harvest moon up in the sky", no wonder songs have been written about it and the "hazy lazy days of summer". When the harvest is in, there's a little time for relaxing and "gone fishin I aint workin any moa"...
    Lovely moon.

  13. In August, we're just tired! Easy to let things go!

    Beautiful moon shot.


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