Saturday, August 09, 2008

Photo Hunt (Dark)

Photo Hunt happens on Saturday and this week theme is Darkand next week theme will be “colorful”

To learn more about the hunt please click on link above.

There light straight ahead and to the side there darkness.
So where their is lightness they shall be darkness.
So the two can’t be friends but they can’t be enemy

This photo was taken when Daisy and I was going for a walk right before we hit the edge of the woods on the road.
So when I look down the road I saw the sky and on the side the dark woods


  1. I like your photo. Leaves the imagination open to "what is beyond the edge of the trees?". :)
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Nice shot. Makes me think of that old adage, "Can't see the forst for the trees." ThanX for stopping by.

  3. That's a neat photo. But it makes me want to stay in the light because the dark trees make me a little bit scairt.

  4. What an intriguing shot for today’s theme … light frame with darkness. Well done. I think you saw my Photo Hunt at Small Reflections, but I have another at Sacred Ruminations today ... 'moonrise' in So Cal

  5. Oh, what an interesting photo for Dark! It can be almost scary looking. The forest looks very dark.

  6. Great photo....really like it!
    Lee is home now and doing well. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  7. Very cool picture!

  8. Love the little poem that brings this photo to life--gives it meaning...Very cool!


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