Saturday, August 02, 2008

photo Hunt (Clouds)

So it Saturday and the good change it photo hunt and this week theme is Clouds
And it case there some out their might not known on Friday there is place called Skyley and it were we post our picture of the sky.
Now back to subject at hand Ms Chick is our wonderful hostess and here is her site for the hunt and next week hunt will be “dark”

When I was a little girl I thought clouds was part of heaven and the only thing you did was to daydream and look down on earth. Then I would see some cloud shape of a certain form.
Well one day I believe when I came home from work I notice a cloud shape like a Kingfisher bird or a Killdeer bird

I had to go and take of errands so I need to head down to Sandpoint and my son Bart drove his car and I put in some gas in his car which is about $4.00 a gallon a little cheaper farther you go south unless you go into Washington.

Well one of our CD came due and we had it in a credit union.
Murphy thought it would be a good time to pull it out and put it in anther bank that is backed up by the FDIC so we do our regular everyday banking with Wells Fargo.
Personal Thought…I actual feel safer with my money in a credit union Murphy is worried that our fearless leader and I call President Dubya will do something underhand with Iran using Israel before we out of office.

I also need to get a few items that they don’t have in Bonners Ferry. Like a pair of jeans that fit I have big rumprus and smaller waist. So to fit over my rear end then a lot of time it so big in the waist.
Then there time it will fit me in the waist and no luck around the hips

I went over to yokes and grab some stuff on sale

Most of the time when I go into Sandpoint to take care of any business we stop at McDonald or Burger King.
Once in while it Kentucky fried Chicken and I only had two items in there I care for is there wedgie fries and fried orka.
Bart suggested Taco Bell and sure glad he did I had nice little wrap and a milk

Everyday I use to find one positive thing that happen or something that gave me joy to me during the day.
Well over at Hollowing Hill she listed some things that she loves.
Now I thought at the end of my post I’ll list one positive thing that happen to me.
Murphy did up the dishes this morning


  1. Speaking of dishes, I have some that need to be done.

    I love clouds. Every time I see sun rays coming out from behind them I say it's God taking His people to Heaven.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

  3. Nice choice! Have a great weekend!


  4. Your cloud pictures are great, love the sunset ones in the previous post. And I think I see the killdeer bird in this one.

    Gotta love it when husbands help with the dishes. Mine helped me with all of ours today!

  5. Great picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting :)


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