Friday, August 15, 2008

Fluffy Clouds

I’ve been looking up more and notice how things are changing about in the sky.
It that time for Sky Watch

It looks like we might possible have a thunderstorm but no such things. These clouds are actual in Montana that would be my guess.
I bet Goldilocks would want to sleep on these she would complain “much to soft”
I tried a different feature on my camera for taking close ups

Murphy Notice how well I did on cleaning the kitchen. It makes me feel great when hubby notice things


  1. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Nice sky shot and thanks for sharing. happy SWF!
    Mine is here

  2. I like that idea about Goldilocks. She always annoyed me - she was never satisfied!

  3. Anonymous5:58 AM

    I really like your top photograph and I also like the photo of Pepperlady in the sidebar.


  4. The fluffy white clouds make me want to lie on them.

    I'm here for some coffee and a biscuit! :P Happy weekend!

  5. Very pretty. You got some nice photos.

  6. These are wonderful photos, Peppylady! Great job!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Always nice to see you.

    Alice at: I Was Born2Cree8
    My 1st SWF post is here: Sky Watch Friday

  7. I will never forget the trip I took years ago through Montana "Big Sky" Country...   Saw some dandies, just like those...

  8. I love the beautiful fluffy clouds! Very nice.

    And you are right; it is nice that someone notices when you've done a good job. :-)

  9. Beautiful cloud pictures!

  10. I wouldn't mind sleeping on such a cloud:-) We were supposed to get more rain again today but although it got dark and nasty looking, it blew right over and the sky cleared right up! Now we just have a few fluffy clouds here and there.

    Regarding your previous post, so many people only find out in their adult years a name to the problem they had while growing up. Nowadays, teachers and such are much more aware of a child's speech problems and help is there for them. Back when we were kids, you didn't hear much about it! xoxo

  11. I wish I could be out there in the great outdoors than be stuck here with work on a beautiful Sat morning. Nice skies.

  12. Fabulous fluffy white clouds! Great SWF photo! Wonderful expression of the delightful clouds! Well Done!

  13. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Oh I LOVE these photos....I'm completely obsessed with clouds!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I'm here enjoying yours!

  14. Great sky shots. This week with the storm coming in you should have the opportunity some great ones. I am sure wishing for some cooler weather. I really don't care for the heat. I am a fall and winter gal.

  15. Big clouds in Big Skies. Nice photos.1


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