Monday, August 25, 2008

In the Know Accomplisment

Once again welcome to my In the know on the 25th of every month I do meme which I ask a question and there is no wrong or right answer.
It me just requesting knowledge

This week question is What have or haven’t you accomplished in your life
Please link back to this post and let me know if you got your in know up and I’ll come on over.

First of all I was going to make a list of the things I have done in my life but the things that I haven’t yet done would go on and on.
There so many things I want to do.
Plus I could list reason why I haven’t yet got to them. Some of the reason I would give it would be good reason or then others would be bunk.
Confession time…It seem hard to look at the list of things we done in our life because we feel there not large enough
Maybe if we all became be shots that we would feel like greatness has happen to us. I wonder if kings, presidents, and C.E.O feels like they are short on accomplishing there to do life list.
Like anyone I have things I like to accomplish it from simple task to major ones in my life some I know that it will take years and others will take minutes.
Sunday Morning I went and hung some clothes on the line. Honest time…You see I never look at that as a real accomplishment
One thing I don’t want to do is take the necessary steps to get to a major goal done. I know somethings in life we have to take it step by step to get it done.
But after the spirit once again woke me up again and some goals take time and one must do the small things to get it done.
We all might think goals are always hand on. But they are spiritual goals that will make us better.
Confession time..When I use to say prayer I would pray to god/dess to get even with people who I thought that did me wrong.
Now I pray for more loving things and kind things in life.

Next time in know will be Thursday the 25th of September and the in the know subject will be Mabon/Autumn tell us what your thought is and what going on in your area

Alice of “I Was Born 2 Cree8 is hosting a weekly photo challenge called Bridging the gap and of course it all explain over at her blog.
I’m a day late and dollar short but here a link to the 1st day and if that don’t do it. I’ll bet if you just head over to her Main blog you’ll get results

Sometime in our life we cross a bridge that we don’t see sometime it bad or good but there time in all of us when we across the unseen bridge of life.
Then years later we don’t recall the exact moment when we across that bridge but we looked back in our life and recall going over that bridge of an aw ha moment

Actual today Murphy and I went up on placer creek to gather some flat stone to make a patio off of our slider.

Once you get down in dried up creek bed then you can see it’s a culvert bridge but from the road you can’t see it just like the bridge of life you go over it and never see then one day you look back and think when did I cross that bridge in my life

We had beautiful drive up to get rocks and each trip becomes easier because we find easier ways to do it


  1. I enjoyed this take on bridging the gap. Very thought provoking. I also like the shot.

  2. Lovely analogy and definitely worth pondering. Welcome to the group. I think you're going to make a grand addition!

  3. Peppylady, I love the way you 'thought outside the box' and came up with a totally unique and very original take on Bridging the Gap!! Very well done!! And I love the shot of looking through the culvert. It took me a moment to figure out what I was seeing.

    You are right that we often cross bridges in our lives and don't realize it until later when we look back. Awesome!

  4. A very clever take on Bridging the Gap!
    I love that country road.
    Very profound thoughts.

  5. Nicely done! I like the way you approached this.

  6. Awwwww HECK! We got one of THEM in our DRIVEWAY! And here I been truckin' all over the bloomin' state lookin' for bridges! LOL! Good going!

  7. Very clever and thought provoking. Beautiful shots...!

  8. i love your creative approach to the meme. and these are lovely photos.

    thanks for the coffee ;)


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