Friday, July 25, 2008

What Do and Don't You Like about the Town You live in ( In the Know)

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What do and don’t you like about your area you live in?

As you all who our my regular who visit my blog I live in very Northern part of the Idaho panhandle. North of Naples, yes we have a Naples here, which I would guess the population of down town Naples is about 50 people.
The next town is Bonners Ferry a population a little over 2,000

First I’ll tell you what I don’t like about my area I live in.
Jobs… Idaho pay isn’t worth bragging about we are a right to work state. I do homecare and for the 5 northern county I’m paid a good wage a little over $12.00 an hour plus I get twice a year profit sharing from the company, which is good.
But most job don’t pay that unless you’re a teacher or have some degree and that doesn’t always the answer and lot of those job isn’t around here.
My hubby works in tree nursery and most of them pay between $7.00 and $12.00 an hour.

Rent and Housing is high here on our wages if I didn’t inherited this house we sure couldn’t buy it

Some time people charges out rages stuff for the wages here. One of the café here charges $25 for a customer order pie and they will get it out when they can.
Plus to have your car detail it cost $225 dollars

Politics around here rubs me the wrong way. Idaho is very conservative state and our President Dubya won by close to 98% of the vote and I bet McCain will care Idaho but not like Dubya

There some people out there is more open minded about faith. I haven’t met them yet. So I go to the gardenia center for there Sunday service which is the next county down

I’m not sure if this is a like or dislike one. At time I real would like a box store here when we need certain item and have to go to Sandpoint wal-mart and get it.
But then when I don’t need and item sure glad we have no big box stores in our area.
To me they seem cold and in personable

I live in a very friendly town which got an award for people here a very kind hearted don’t get in to your personal life but there ready to give a helping hand out.

Everyone in our town has a library card and for a little town I would say it holds up to some higher populated area

Our down town got some neat little shops and they are in old brick building which is kept up

We have some great place to hike in Mountains and I been up to quite a few mountain lakes.
North Idaho got the kootenai valley and when I look out my living room window I see Selkirk range and Roman nose.
Then I look out my kitchen window I see Parcell Mountain range and Black Mountain peak

I like the weather we have the four season. We have snow in winter and some years we have more then other.
The summer sometime gets pretty hot, nothing like the Southwest
But it dry heat here I’m not a big fan of humid weather

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  1. I did this one for you It is up on my blog

  2. It was interesting to learn more about the town you live in:-) I think we all have a love/hate relationship with our towns! lol Wages never seem to be high enough...where I live we have a shortage of apartments available...housing costs are ridiculously high...and yet, it's such a beautiful area, people are very friendly, etc. I guess we have to take the bad with the good! xox


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