Thursday, July 31, 2008

RV Raffle Dream.

I haven’t had a dream for a long time but this one is strange anyhow most of my dreams are strange.

Some how I donated some cookies and our RV to a fund raiser. We don’t even own a RV.
I was in a thrift store looking browsing around in general and some lady said all your cookies didn’t go and ask if I want them back.
Well she said your RV got $200 for raffle and it on way to North Carolina. I left the thrift store and went to a lawyer to see how I could get back the RV before my husband found out.
As I was standing in lobby at the lawyer office I notice a greenish gray small print love seat type couch and big desk with a big chair.
Then the alarm woke me up

I went over to a dream dictionary and put in the key words and still confused

I need a change in my life I feel but I don’t want to haste in to anything


  1. I have crazy dreams myself at time. I came over here from Linda's blog.

  2. I almost always have weird dreams like that. Half the time I can't even be bothered trying to figure out the meaning.


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