Saturday, July 19, 2008

photo Hunt (What is that)

I haven’t played photo hunt for a couple of weeks now. I’ve looked at a few photos.
But time I thought about it anyhow it was toward the end of the week and just couldn’t come up with anything.
This time I start to plan more towards the beginning of the week.
Well as always I like to “thanks Ms Chick for doing the hunt

This week theme is WHAT IS THAT? and next week theme will be hanging.

Donna who I take care got some unusual cooking items and unusual food but in all honesty there all great.
Recently we been purging her items and she owns a Japanese Lunch Box. I’ve never seen one of these but it was different layers and you place your food in each you want to take with you.
I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say what it is. But I thought it was cool

Last dinner I made some Minestrone type of soup by cleaning out the fridge. I first made a potassium broth although I didn’t add any potato to mine but I saved ends and pieces of peeling to my vegetable and place them in a Tupperware like container.
When I’m ready I pot them in soup pot and just cover with water and let them simmer strongly which on my stove is about a 3 for an hour and remove vegetable.
Then for my minestrone soup I did a clean out from the fridge. I had a fourth of bag in freezer.
Chopped up a green onion and small half of leek.
Cooked up some ground beef that we had from the night before and went into the basement pantry and got can of kidney beans and add to it
I put in Kombu and that was dinner


  1. That is pretty cool. It makes perfect sense if your meal is to consist of several items such as different vegetables, rice, and maybe a meat item.

    Never seen one like that before.

  2. it's what we call a tiffin carrier in malaysia n a great way to pack your take away meals. :)

  3. Yeah, I've seen those lunchboxes. They're pretty cool!! Your minestrone soup sounds yummy, though I'm wondering what Kombu is. (I clicked on the wikipedia link, but it didn't really tell me if Kombu is seaweed, or mushrooms or what.)

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