Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just Keeping it Maintained

I took care of small errands today, which wasn’t much but after work, my ass been beat the last few days.
I have been slow copying off my blog.
Some were in every 100 pages I do up a scrape book page and my sister in law Faith recently got her bed and breakfast in the Spokesman Review
I need to stop in our little office-scrape book- semi arts and craft store called LaMars.
To get some fancy little things to add to the page I’m doing of the bed and breakfast place.
I’m having a trouble finding some scissors and I know we have several pairs sitting around the place.

I need to do couple things for Sawyer. Get a county affidavit paper so he can get 500 dollars off his tutution this up coming fall.
Plus mail his cell phone that he ordered

Deposit some money in bank and got some $20 cash so I can do few yard sale on Friday.
Then stop at B.T.C and grab a few items.
Milk went up to $3.48 a gallon.
Celery is at .89¢ a pound.
Carrots I think is right around .79 ¢ a pound.
Peaches and nectarines .98¢ a pound
Avocados are .97¢ each.
Maple bar with chocolate icing is .59¢ or .69¢ each.
So I bought a little 0ver $20 in groceries.
Confession time…I forgot my bags to bring out my stuff with” grrr at my self for having a brain fart
Gas isn’t cheap it at $4.09 and1/10 a gallon here.

I did some chores around the place like mopping, vacuuming and few other smaller things.
Doing the smaller chores before I go to work sure helps.
Feeling time…Some time I get frustrate that my home isn’t more decorate and organize
but like said I’m doing better just keeping it up.

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