Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It a Healing Garden

I kept wanting to post about last Sunday but for some reason something came up or I was just to beat to do it

Last Sunday Murphy and I to sandpoint and to do some shopping and we went to the Sunday Service at the Gardenia center.
It one the time I wish I took a note pad and pen with me. It was fairly good service. In nut shell it was about having god/dess in our daily life.
One who spoke was more of elderly woman and the first time she spoke. Opinion time…I didn’t think she did as well but her way of coming across came a long ways
Both of read from the bible and only two of the scriptures I can recall is Psalms 47 Question time…I don’t understand why anyone want to love any god/dess who we need to fear or subdue us? I’m looking at verse 2 and 3.
I need a god/dess to love and to guide me.
The other one was from Psalm 121 I feel this verse is more loving and friendly god/dess.
I like the last verse which is 8

Well before we went to Sunday Service I took Murphy over to healing garden in Sandpoint which I thought was a beautiful place to just to be.
Well he just walk though at fairly fast pace and didn’t take it in.
Well here some picture I got…


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    love the beautiful flowers and the pathway. God bless you, peppy.

  2. The healing garden looks beautiful. I love the tranquil sound of water and enjoy seeing the lovely blooms. Thank you for sharing.


  3. a beautiful garden Dora...

  4. What a beautiful place....


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