Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is Your Home Toxic

Part of my job at work is to take Rex out for a walk which I enjoy and get some benefit out of it…you know the exercise.
This time we head out behind the forest service building were some farmer is growing some grain crop.
Not sure what it is.
But we walk 12 power pole and back. Not sure the distant we went but it took about half hour to do

The other day I receive an e-mail on a quiz for toxic home and some how I deleted our something like that.
But I recalled the quiz was part of Real Age
So I decided to take quiz for Is Your Home Poisoning You
Find out whether disease-causing agents are lurking behind your front door

I did the quiz and there 4 question and I got 3 right the one I got wrong was the question ofWhich of the following household products is likely to contain VOCs?
I thought it was only in dry cleaning clothing.
But the home we live in was built in 73 or so and not sure what they used for building material. I know they uses 2by 6 for the framing.
Murphy and I did quite a bit of work around here to be more energy saving, friendly toward the environment and healthier.
I use basic Basic H and I don’t have problems with this. No asthma.
I feel it does a good job of cleaning plus it does quite a bit

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  1. Anonymous6:21 PM

    i refer to our unit as my haven. i love cleaning our unit and organizing our stuff. i like everything energy saving, environment friendly and non toxic to my health.

    God bless you, peppy!


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