Sunday, July 27, 2008

Got To Get Out Of This Rut.

Yesterday I struggle with life in general I posted about how I want to go back in to ceramic but the way my life is now I feel like I’m not making in real head way towards it and it makes me angry and depress.
I know I can’t real work toward ceramic that much until Bart is out of the house but I’m not trying to rush him away.
But now I’m worried about when the time comes I’ll still be doing home care and I feel afraid. Don’t get me wrong I like Donna who I take care of but it the job

I did some praying on my angry and disappointment on how my ceramic shop is progressing. I know there is things I can do better but not sure if I have the skill and I can’t control everything in the galaxy.
So if anyone got amount could you say a positive prayer, light a candle, do a little positive magick or positive energy my way.

Yesterday Murphy and I went up to Earl and Quenella. To visit and it was an ok time to be quiet Honest time… I wasn’t in mood for visiting she showed me a print out of her web site and I told her I thought having picture on all of her pages will help her business.
But I told her I could see the price she is charging to the number of guess will be a hitch that she needs to over come.
She wants to charge I believe is $20,000 and have up to 30 quests.
But she is offering a lot but like I said it her price

Murphy told them and try to make plans to get rocks with them on plaser creek and he forget that both of them aren’t in shape to get the rocks.
Both Murphy and I our in better shape.
Little they eat I would be starving but there less active then he are.
Confession time.. I eat to much crap and don’t get enough exercise

Well this morning I got a load of Bart laundry and I told him he could hang his clothes on the line and ask me what wrong with the dryer and I said it cost money.
So he went out and hung his clothes on the line.
I did dishes.
I didn’t do dinner dishes last night it to hot to do much but they been a nice breeze blowing in place.
Murphy went to work we are short on vehicle now. Hubby took in his Toyota to get new fuel injector to put on and it won’t be ready until Monday and I need to work that day so he working today instead of Monday

I’m sorry that I did a boo boo on yesterday posting. I didn’t add this link to the other site for Olive

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  1. I'm right there with you. I'm working a job I really don't care for but it pays the bills - barely. With the cost of everything going up it is hard to make ends meet these days. I get discouraged soem days, but, I'm trying to stay optomistic that something better for both us is around the corner.

    Yes, the pup is a Boston Bull Terrier. My sister in law will be picking him up in about 2 weeks. So cute!

    Went to Spokane's Humane Society's Woofstock yesterday. Lots of cute dogs all over the place.

    Looks like the weather will cool down a little this week. Yeah! Have a great week.


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