Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Thoughts Are Better Then One

It Sunday and a lot been growing like crazy and changing out side so it could mean it Green Thumb Sunday. Which is hosted by Feverish thoughts

I don’t recall which day it was Murphy and I went up on Katka this past week to visit some friends of ours.

As we were getting ready to leave we stood and watch the hummingbirds come in for a feeding.

I some time like different plants because of the way they smell.
I’m not sure what this plant is called that is in my hodgepodge flowerbed.

But it smells like methol or some may say vicks.

One of Murphy trees he likes real well is a Tatarain Maple. I have to agree with Murphy on this one.

Not much is going on in my hodgebed.

Some type of geranium is in bloom but actual a lot of things got buds on them. I’m figuring in a few days my lupine will be complete opened

To me it seem not that many

wild roses are in bloom and Murphy thought it was to early for them. But he retract what he said and said there related to apple family and they would be blooming earlier or now

The Iris are coming along nicely in royal sunshine bed. Majority of the flowers planted are some shade of purple or yellow.

Most of them at this time are yellow ones are in bloom. But here is a picture of some yellow iris with one purple in background.

Here is a close up shot of my two tone purple iris


  1. That purple flower is gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Beautiful Iris! I love the purple and yellows together :) Thats a good hummingbird picture. I got one really close last year. I was sitting in the garden and one came to the day lillies beside me for a drink. It was an awsome experience for sure.

    What zone are you? Im a zone 8. The hostas I have are all shade plants, but you can get some that tollerate sun. I have only recently started planting and enjoying the colour and texture of the foliage of hostas. Luckily they grow fast and split easily ;) Thanks for comming by!

  3. I enjoyed viewing your flowers. Your iris are lovely. They are one of my many favorite flowers. I also love the red poppies you saw on my blog.

    I Googled to see what zone I'm in and it is 5b. Most of my flowers have been here since we bought the house 15 years ago.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. The flowers are beautiful!

  5. I love that wild geranium (I looked it up in my book). Hopefully if I can afford the gas I am going to a lupine festival in New Hampshire Saturday and learn how to make lupine fields on my land. I hope it works!


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