Saturday, June 07, 2008

Photo Hunt (Bad Hair)

The theme for this week photo hunt is BAD HAIR and I had a difficult time of thinking of something.
But did come up with something.
Next week is emotion(s)
To learn more about the hunt Click here

Quoting Ziggy,,, I don’t give rat ass if I’m having a bad hair day as long as you let me sleep
I don’t believe animal have bad hair days. I did for Thursday and part of Friday or I should say I was'nt in the best of humor


  1. Hehe... She looks so cozy

  2. sunbathing makes for awesome lounging. very sweet :)

  3. oh my..she looks like she's rested even for a bad hair...hehe


  4. No, I don't think animals have bad hair days. Every day is a lovely day for them. :)

  5. That's so cute! She looks so comfortable in her sleeping position.

  6. Your cat is tired he needs some stretches which he does to ease muscle pain...cute cat..

  7. Love it! Perfect idea for this theme (yeah, I'm late! But I don't care because I saw this terrific photo of yours!)


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