Friday, June 27, 2008

Falling Off The Wagon

I want to post this on the 25th that is my question in the know. I guess it better late then never.
On the 25th of every month I’m going to try to ask a deep thought question. It ok to past this around blogsphere.
If any one answer my question can you please let me know Peppylady

We all have our short coming and they’re area that we need to over come in our life.
When one sit a goal to change something in their life why do you believe you personally will fall off the wagon

I recently gave up my afternoon coffee and I usual drink something else instead of my coffee.
It is usual some type of warm herb tea.
So I replace a habit for anther one.
But now I’m trying to cut back on my animal fat, which I eat and I know we all need some type of protein in our diet.
Honest time…I’m not even sure real how much animal we eat here But I believe we eat way to much of it.
Honest time…I don’t know what, how, or how much I should replace our animal fat consumption to But with our out of shape bodies I believe it would be a beneficial.
Going to different Christen churches they all had this one verse they use Roman 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”
In the back of my head I think to my self.
Why try to improve your self it real not worth your time you’re a sinner and doesn’t matter how hard one become a better person we all are just darn lucky that god/dess for gives us.
So even this Bible verse still has effect on me in a negative way.

So I believe there two main reason why I fall off the wagon. Which are not having the tools to over come one bad habit and general guilt


  1. Wow. Tough question! First off, I don't think God is up there keeping score and I don't think we fall short of the glory of God. I think we are part of the glory of God, even with our imperfections.

    As for falling off wagons. I have fallen off a lot of them, so I've pretty much decided to stop climbing onto them... well, not completely, but I'm more prone to allow my disembarcations to be "CLIMBING" off rather than falling.

    Guilt seems to me to be a force of great evil in the world and it does more harm than good. Too many of us have been trained to feel bad about ourselves for being human when being human is the whole point of our existence. So anyway, I think you should forgive yourself if you decide to drink a cup of coffee or eat something that you hadn't planned to eat. I've spent way too much of my life punishing myself for being fallible, judging myself for not living up to unrealisitic goals.

    So be kind to yourself. If you drink a cup of coffee enjoy it. You must have needed it.

  2. The truthful reason I fall short?
    lazy its too easy to keep doing things the old way than to try to change. I am working on breaking that habit.

  3. Wow. I think Raven has a pretty astute answer. And as much as I am motivated by guilt, I agree with her when she says that Guilt is great force of evil....

    I was raised (but never embraced- at least not consciously....) Southern Baptist. However, I think it (the Baptist view) has shaped my life, and has distorted a great deal that could have been pure and whole.

    Because of it's influence, I fight daily for sanity that's taken away at every turn by.....

    ~Was that the right thing to do?

    ~Why did you do that?

    ~ Dark, swirly space (see, God) is not going to like this.

    ~Dark, swirly space finds you lacking.

    We are human and we are prone to wanting things.

    We are animals and so we want some sort of guidance.

    We are human. Have your tea.


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