Friday, May 23, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

This is my first time doing “ Sky Watch Friday”our host and hostess is Wiggers World

During the First part of the week I notice this dark cloud in East. As the Sun was sitting in West it some how picked up some pink light.
No Storm or anything devolved from this cloud

I’m slowly getting things back as I want on my blogg but at times I wish I left it alone.
Maybe Change isn’t always good…”Lol”


  1. Beautiful photo!
    I'm late getting mine up but will have it on the blog later today

  2. I love when the clouds get that little touch of pink. Very pretty.

    Welcome to Sky Watch Friday! It's a lot of fun.

  3. peppylady.. I know the Kootani Valley. I have relatives in Orofino and Lewiston..Thanks for stopping by.. great skywatch.. good to see you on board..

  4. Hey back neighbor - you just visited me...

    Pretty photo - the cloud version of alpinglow!

  5. I might start posting picture of sky watch too. I am planning on going and taking some picture of the falls this weekend. They are running strong with the abundance on snow runoff this year. Have a nice weekend. Sorry to hear about your car. Bummer!

  6. Beautiful sky watch.. lve the clouds rolling in

  7. Welcome to Skywatch - I know you'll enjoy it here!
    Very pretty image.

  8. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Welcome! That's a very pretty photo!

  9. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Welcome to Skywatch; I'm sure you'll enjoy.
    Pretty photo.

  10. Beautiful place, beautiful image, excellent.

  11. This is such a pretty sky. Just lovely!

  12. Welcome to the Sky Watch. That is a beautifully understated sunset. I'm commenting from my almost unused Blogger blog because I am on wordpress and cannot comment from there. Blogger does have a way of fixing that problem I believe.

    Oh, I'm archiearchive, thanks for visiting me :)

  13. Welcome to Sky Watch Friday. You chose a perfect sky watch picture to share.

  14. That's a nice photo - I like the interaction of light and cloud.

  15. Beautiful picture. :)

  16. Great shot:)
    Good luck with your blog;)

    Petunia's SFW


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