Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Blog Hunt

I started a group. “I guess that’s a good term to use” over at and it called” anything goes.”
You can judge by it name what it consist of what every.

So I’ll start out with a basic questions a two parts.

1. What type of blogs do you like to read?
2. Where do you fine them?

Ok, I better answer my own question if I expected anyone else to.

“I actual like to read all sorts of different blogs. Personal Thought…I find wide varity of blogs I read the more understanding I have a deeper understanding in world

Now how I find them. Sometime I don’t even understand my own madness. Someday I feel like going to my coffee pals and saying I’m going to look at the 3rd person who left a comment.
Like last Saturday was photo Hunt and I have my regular ones I look at. But anyone who name of blog that began with a letter “T” and I went to visit and see how many “T” I could fine until I ran out.
Sometime I put in search to see what I can fine such places as google blog search

Now I like to now give two assignment to try to met new blogger and I know some may not be able to the second one.
But if you can do it or something close, great

go to google search engine as there is a link up above and put in any word you like and visit that blog and post your findings

My word I choose was “Mud bog” and it took me to Ms M who is free lance writer.
“Some ways I have personal experience some of these things but not to grand scale of some” and the posting I visit was called I want to live

I know blogger got a thing called next blog click on arrow and let it be known were it takes you.
I went to Denning family blog and they sure look like a wonderful family.
“"Nice blog and I wish your family a blessing"

Is’nt it amazing you met in blog world

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, enjoyed reading yours too!
    Marcie Vargas


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